Backup Original Firmware On Sony Xperia P

Backup Original Firmware On Sony Xperia P

AnyIndo – In this article we are going to share an article it is How To Back Up Original Firmware On Sony Xperia P.  You may have any question relates to this article, why do you need to back your firmware on Sony Xperia P? Yes, if you are geek users of Android this is not a weird thing to do but for those who think using Android just for what they need won’t concern about this.

Back up original firmware means you make it as official firmware, if you have ever tried to install another firmware. But if your Sony Xperia P firmware is original you do not need to follow this tutorial. Anyway this tutorial  addressed to Sony Xperia P who needs to backup original firmware.

  • Download and install Sony Update Software
  • Open SUS & update the devices which isn’t updated yet to the last firmware (if your Sony Xperia P has been updated to the last firmware you must open Sony PC Companion and choose Repair)
  • Download and install Flashtool
  • Open C:\Program Files\Sony Eriscsson\Update Service\db\13740270\blob_fs Choose and open 2 files with largest size (It is 200 MB and another file is 13 MB)
  • Create new folder in Flashtool folder (C:\Flashtool), it is up to you want to name it. Paste those 2 files you have copied in one folder you have created
  • Open Flashtool and go to Advanced menu, then choose Decrypt
  • Choose folder you have created  as source folder
  • Choose those 2 files at Files, click -> sign
  • Wait until Decrypt process is completed
  • If it is completed, go to Advanced menu > Bundle Creation
  • Choose again the folder you have created as source folder
  • Pilih all file in box folder list, click -> sign
  • At the device just fill handset name, at the version fill with build number (example 6.0.B.3.162), region just fill Asia if you live in that region.
  • Click OK, Choose Sony Xperia P
  • Wait until bundle creation process is completed
  • Check C:\Flashtool\firmware. You may save file with ftf extension if one day you want to roll back with original firmware
  • Finish

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