Rooting Himax Pure II Without PC

Rooting Himax Pure II Without PC

AnyIndo - In this article we would share an article it is How To Root Himax Pure II  Easily Without PC. We could say this is easy and simple because we do not need PC or Laptop to root Himax Pure II by following this tutorial. Just through Framaroot, we can root the device easily as you install game or application. Let's see, read carefully on the following tutorial:

  • Rooting your device would void your warranty, actually rooting against terms and conditions of manufacture, although you can return back anytime through removing root
  • Do not forget to back up your file and data because you will lose your file and data when you decide to root your device
  • Framaroot For Himax Pure II - Download
  • Install Framaroot after you've downloaded it on your device (Himax Pure II)
  • Open Framaroot For Himax Pure II, then choose Superuser
  • After that there will appear option, choose gandalf
  • Wait some moments until there's an option to reboot, choose reboot
  • Finish, you have successfully rooted your device
If after reboot process / restart appear superuser application, means you follow the steps correctly.

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