Enable Torch Light On Samsung Galaxy S4

AnyIndo - In this article we're gonna share an article it is Enable Torch Light On Samsung Galaxy S4. If you think you need light in the night and you think that your Galaxy S4 cannot help you to light in dark, we come to help you with this tutorial. Let's try it:

  • Install the launcher Apex / Nova
  • Create shortcut: Touch a moment then choose Shortcut. Choose Activities > Settings > Torch Light.
  • Then will appear Torch Light menu.
  • Enable the Torch Light.
  • Done.
  • After you can enable Torch Light you may uninstall Nova / Apex, because those app just to open hidden setting.
  • To use the Torch Light when it is on locked screen, press at some length Volume Up to turn on it, and press Volume Down to turn off.

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