Restore Lost Imei Number On Himax Pure III

Restore Lost Imei Number On Himax Pure III
AnyIndo - In this article we will share an article it's How Restore Lost Imei Number On Himax Pure III. You may think imei number isn't that important for you you, but one day, you''ll understand when you lost your imei. Imei is indeed important for some people, an example when they want to sell their device for 2nd condition. Not all buyer say okay if they know your device that you sell lost its imei. There are many reasons why you need imei on your device.

If your Himax Pure III lost its imei number, we'll help you to restore it by reading and following the instruction bellow carefully:

Before you decide to follow the instruction bellow, AnyIndo suggest you to read carefully.Comprehend all the step, words and tutorial well. AnyIndo has no responsibility for what will happen later by using our tutorial.

Your device must be rooted already, and extract and copy mobile uncle.apk on your device.

Recovery_Upgrade_Tool - Download

  1. Open Mobile Uncle, allow root access.
  2. Choose Engineer Mode > Choose again Engineer Mode (MTK.
  3. Slide menu to right  to to the Connectivity tab.
  4. Choose CDS Information.
  5. Then choose Radio Information.
  6. Choose Phone 1, in the AT+ column, fill with the format AT+EGMR=1,10,"IMEI 1" if finish just press SEND AT COMMAND button, and press back 1 time.
  7. Choose Phone 2, in the AT+ column, fill with the format AT+EGMR=1,7,"IMEI 2"if finish, press SEND AT COMMAND button.
  8. Reboot your device then imei number imei has been restored. 

We advise you to backup your file and data via Mobile Uncle, because it's easy when you lost your file or data, you can restore it easily.

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