Installing PSP Game On Android With PPSSPP

AnyIndo - In this article we will share you an article it's How To Play PSP Game On Android with PPSSPP. Let us guess, you're so curious with this PPSSPP or how to install and play PSP Games on Android. In this article, AnyIndo works together with our team to give you tyhe best experience how to play, and set it up better. Let's read carefully:

  • Android smartphone
Files (Choose the only one):
  1. PPSSPP emulator by tipsdroidmax - Download
  2. PPSSPP emulator by developer ppsspp - Download
  3. PPSSPP emulator by Google Play Store - Download
  • Install PPSSPP emulator you've downloaded on your Android smartphone, and then run it.
  • Download PPSSPP Game in the link bellow (The link bellow are sites to download PPSSPP games, all kind games):
  • After you've downloaded PSP game, extract file game you've downloaded by using "b1 archiver" or whatever as long as can extract file game to be .ISO or .CSO
  • Run PPSSPP emulator on your device (Android), click "Games"menu on the top screen, then find a game you've extracted or game that has .ISO format
  • Finish, let's play PSP game on Android with PPSSPP
  • For those who still do not understand how to extract file, you can searching on Google with keyword "Extract File On Android".
  • If you're still confused with our explanation, you can leave comment. Feel free to ask related to this article.
  • This is just a tutorial how to install and play PSP Game on Android with PPSSPP, we suggest you to download the only one game first to practice this tutorial, because usually  each PSP Game has big size.

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