Fix GPS Not Working On Xiaomi Mi3

AnyIndo - Int this article we'd like to share an article it's How To Fix GPS Not Working On Xiaomi Mi3. For those who think that GPS is important but sometimes Xiaomi Mi3 users face the problem it's GPS not working, in this article we're gonna help you how to fix it. Although this tutorial works on Xiaomi Mi3,but actually this works in another device also.

Actually this is simple way to fix it, if you need this to fix your error GPS, just read carefully and follow the instruction bellow:

Steps 1:
  1. Restart your device (Xiaomi Mi3) without SIM card.
  2. After it's on, make sure you answer "Yes" for Prompt about Access location from Google. 
  3. Then insert your SIM card.
  4. In this session your device should been detect the position via Wifi, cellular or GPS.
  5. Done.
If by using tutorial above your GPS still not working, try to clear cache via Recovery. And use another tutorial below:

Steps 2:
  1. Open security.
  2. Choose Permission - Tab Permission.
  3. Choose Get Location Info
  4. Make sure Google Play Service, Google Framework and Google Maps given permission to access location.
  5. Done.

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