Best Settings On PPSSPP For The Best Gaming Experience (No Lagging)

AnyIndo - In this article we will share an article it's How To Set The Best Settings On PPSSPP For The Best Gaming Experience To Minimize lagging. If you've ever played games on Android with PPSSP and there was lagging, you visit good site to handle that problem, because in this occasion our team would like to guide you how to set up with the best settings. Let's notice all the instruction below:

  • Rendering mode: choose Non Buffered Rendering (but if its game seems blank or appears black,you can choose Buffered Rendering).
  • Framerate Control: Change Frameskipping to 1 (higher number, gets horrible lagging). It depends on what kind of specification on your Android smartphone. We set it to be smoother.
  • Checklist Prevent FPS option. For alternative speed, change it to 75%.
  • Features: checklist stretch to display
  • MipMapping: let its settings with original settings.
  • Perfomance: checklist all except Software Skinning (then if you face hang or lag when you play a game, you an checklist it also).
  • Texture Scaling: let Upscale Level becomes OFF.
  • Texture Filtering: let Anistropic Filtering OFF. 
  • Hack Setting: checklist all except "Always deep write". But if you still need good quality, do not checklist anything on Hack Setting.
  • Overlay Information: Show FPS Counter choose "speed". While do not checklist Show Debugging.
  • Debugging: Do not checklist Show Rendering.
You may set this up to you, or you want to use sound or not. But if you need best performance, deactivate audio.

It depends how you can enjoy its position when you play a game. Set it with your mood and whatever you want. To set this setting, you can change it through Edit Control Layout.

  • Fast Memory Option: must be checklisted
  • MultiThread: do not checklist this

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