Use BlackBerry As A Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot

Use BlackBerry As A Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot
AnyIndo - Beside Wifi, all Smartphone users know what wifi is. Sometimes we use it to connect an network to access internet. But not all BlackBerry user know if their device can be a mobile wifi hotspot, not just wifi. It means Blackberry device can set up to share its network so another user can use its internet. 

Therefore, in this article I'd like to share to all AnyIndo user how to use BlackBerry as a mobile wifi hotspot. There some benefits if we use wifi hotspot to connect the others, you can connect multiple devices like tablets and laptops, to it within minutes.

Before you decide to use this tutorial, you have to make sure your network operator allows tehthering on your tariff, because if doesn't, you have to pay a lot. If you're ready, let's practice it by follow the instructions bellow:

Steps to use BlackBerry as a mobile wifi hotspot:

  • Enter the 'Phone System Setting' by the app icon or from drop down bar.
  • Select 'Network Connections' from the list.
  • Select 'Mobile Hotspot' from the list.
  • You'll now be taken through a number of set up stages. The first few are just information and warnings. Give these screens a read and hit Next when you're ready.
  • You'll now come to a screen asking to set  a password for your mobile hotspot. Enter suitable password and hit Next.

Congrats!, your wifi hotspot is now setup and available to use. You can switch it on an off easily in menu and if you want to change certain settings, such as the name and the inactivity timer, then hit the Configurre button at the button of the screen.

Your data network must be on if you want to share your network.

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