The Latest Custom ROM Asus Zenfone Lollipop For Advan Vandroid S4A

AnyIndo - In this occasion, AnyIndo brings you an article it's The latest custom ROM Asus Zenfone Lollipop for Advan Vandroid S4A. This custom ROM is indeed fixed and there are many features included in this ROM. 

Before you decide to follow the instruction bellow, AnyIndo suggest you to read carefully. Comprehend all the step, words, and tutorial well. AnyIndo has no responsibility about what will happen later by using our tutorial.

This Custom ROM is for Advan Vandroid S4A JellyBean, if your device is on KitKat but you want to taste this custom ROM, we require you to prepare Fastport, so your device won't getting bootloop.

  • Xperia Flavor Installer.
  • Asus Home.
  • Statusbar Lollipop + Asus Statusbar.
  • Lollipop File Manager.
  • Indonesian Language.
  • Flat Display, like iPhone.
  • If you want more cool, install tinted statusbar inside Xposed.
  •  UI Lollipop (75%).
  • Framework Lollipop (50%).
  • There're options on Settings > R-Control > Statusbar > Battery Style.
  • Network Speed, on Settings.
  • The latest Lollipop Lockscreen.
  • LCD Settings.
  • Boot Aniamtion ASUS.
  • Emotion Lollipop Wallpapers.
  • Sonidos Lollipop.
  • Lollipop Camera and Gallery from Google.
  • Xposed Installer inside this ROM.
  • Tinted Status Bar.
  • Perfomance.
  • More rest of RAM.
  • Build.prop INIT.D.
  • Shake To Clear RAMo Harlem Shake.
  • Installed Brave Engine v3.
  • Signal is more powerful.

The Latest Custom ROM Asus Zenfone Lollipop For Advan Vandroid S4A
How to install:
  • Go to CWM.
  • Do 3 Wipe.
  • Install ROM Zenfone Lollipop.
  • After installation is completed, install all Fix Update.
  • Reboot.
  • After installation is completed, setting the configuration (required).
  • Just go to Settings.
  • Choose Xposed Installer.
  • Choose Module.
  • Activate all available module.
  • Back to home, choose Framework menu.
  • Chooseinstall / Update then restart your device.
  • After restart, go to Settings.
  • Choose Xposed.
  • Choose Module (yea, we do it once again. Don't worry).
  • Choose Eggster.
  • Choose Lollipop.
  • Choose Menu.
  • There will triple dot on the top corner menu.
  • Choose hide.
  • Hidden App: Eggster, and Lollipop Land.
  • Done.
Special thanks for Elasangga19 who has created this custom ROM

Wifi error: 0x00 (fixed after install ROM). 
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ROM Zenfone L (size: 251 MB) - Download.
Fix Dolby, Camera & Music (6.25MB) - Download.
Patch Swap (4.74MB) - Download
Patch Fix (234.98 KB) - Download

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