Rooting LG G3 via TowelRoot (Without PC)

Rooting LG G3 via TowelRoot (Without PC)
AnyIndo - LG G3 is one of the best smartphone that's produced by LG. We cannot underestimate its brand, because this brand had been so many years fighting the others to prove that they can compete. This brand launched many types of phones, refrigerator, TV, washing machine and etc. But in this article, AnyIndo tries to bring you good way How To Rooting LG G3 via TOWELROOT Without PC.

According to AnyIndo team, this is the easiest way to root LG G3, we can say it's has medium difficulty but what we dare to say that this is the good way 'caused security level by using this tutorial is safe for your LG G3., but you must be remember that what you dare to do, do it by your own risk.

Okay, let's try to notice and follow the instruction,

What you need:
  • After you've downloaded TowelRoot, install it on your device, then a display like a picture bellow will appear:

  • Click "Make it rain".
  • Wait about some moments, if your device reboots automatically means your rooting failed, but there's a message "successful" means your rooting is successful.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Download SuperSU on Play Store.
  • After SuperSU has been installed, run that application.
  • At the first time you run SuperSU will appear a display binary update (click OK) and wait until finish. If the message says failed,reboot your device and try again. If successful, your device has been rooted successfully 100%.
If you still doubt it's rooted or not, you check it via Root Checker Application, download it on Play Store.

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