Identifying Fake Or Original For Xiaomi Smartphone

Identifying Fake Or Original For Xiaomi Smartphone 
AnyIndo - The smartphones that are produced by Xiaomi becomes best choice in this era. All Xiaomi device has best performance and specification but in the lower price. But don't you know, due to the the advancement of technology, almost smartphone brand has clone device, such as Samsung, Apple and iPhone.

Therefore, you need to notice and be careful when buying smartphone, so you'll not be regret in the future. As you know, fake phone has so many a lot of drawbacks. In this article AnyIndo gives 5 ways to identifying fake Xiaomi smartphone:

Check it via website: Check.
  • Check if there's Mi Recovery, just turn off your device first, then press Volume Up + Power simultaneously until its logo appears:

  • Check its fastboot, if it's original, there will appear a logo like a picture bellow:
  • Check the code at your Xiaomi box, go to link. Get the code by wiping like in the picture bellow. 
  • There will appear code with 20 characters:After that open the website, there will 4 boxes like on part 1, then fill the 20 characters code, then select 2 like the picture bellow:
  • If you device is original, will appear a page with green checklist picture:
  • Check the update periodically does your device get the latest update or not, if not means your device is not original.

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