Activating Recycle Bin On Android

Activating Recycle Bin On Android
AnyIndo - If you have Laptop/PC and use windows OS, Recycle bin is a familiar software for you. Its form is like trash because it has the function to put deleted files. Because of that Recycle bin, user can restore deleted files if they do not indeed delete the files in Recycle bin. This feature is useful if the user accidentally delete their file on Laptop/PC, but how about Android?

From the its factory, Operating system Android doesn't support this feature, then if you accidentally delete your file or data, good bye "my files". This will be horrible experience and sometimes you will regret that moments. But don't worry, in this article Activating Recycle Bin On Android, AnyIndo will share you tips and tricks to solve that problem. There's third-part application, it's "Dumpster" that can be used as a substitute  of Recycle bin. This application works like Recycle bin on windows. How to activate Recycle bin on Android:

  • Dumpster - Download.
  • Download the file above,install and run dumpster.
  • If it's installed, open the application, and accept when "end user licence agreement" appears.
  • In this initial setup, set any file you want to put in Recycle bin when you delete the file. then choose Next.

Note: If your device, your smartphone is rooted, you can activate "Allow root access" so this application can run well.

Just by following steps above, your Android finally has Recycle bin like windows on PC. You don't need to be worry again when one day accidentally you delete your file. Just open Dumpster application, find deleted file, choose Restore.

Warning: When you delete any file and open Dumpster, that deleted file  takes memory on your smartphone, means it still needs space on your memory. If you want to clear your memory, you need to clear the file in your dumpster also.

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