The Easiest Way To Recover Or Restore Deleted Files On Andorid Smartphone

The Easiest Way To Recover Or Restore Deleted Files On Andorid Smartphone
Anyone who have gadget must have important data or file on their gadget, especially Andorid. Once, the people save their data or file on Flashdisk, but recently virus attacking Flashdisk and it seems not practice anymore.

Then Smartphone becomes the alternative to save files such as photo, video, data, document, song and the others. But sometimes, we deleted that file without we realized it, but don't worry because in this article cikeal will give you solution about that problem.

For you who accidentally deleted data or files on your Android Smartphone, you can recover with an application it is Recovery, here's how to recover deleted files on your Android Smartphone:
  • First, download the application on Google Play (Download)
  • If downloaded, install it as you install an application on your Smartphone
  • To recover file, you need to root access on your smartphone, if your phone is not rooted yet you need to root it first
  • Open the application if your Smartphone is rooted, then tap Select Storage menu, chose Memory or External Memory where the file have deleted
  • Then tap Scan Storage, wait for several times until scanning appears
  • If scanning appears, you can check it in detail one by one the file. To make it easy, you can use Search or Slide for file to be more specific
  • If the file that you want to recover has found, just click and hold then choose Restore Item
  • Congratulation, your deleted file has been restored
For Lite version of the application, you can just recover photo. So, if you want to recover the file or data other than photo, you need to purchase the key.

To prevent same incident in another time, you can use Dumpster on Google Play. This application similar to Recycle Bin on Computer that eventually deleted files can be recovered.

Hopefully this tutorial works and can help anyone get a problem related to this article.

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