The Best Free VPN Application For Android Smartphone

The Best Free VPN Application For Android Smartphone 
VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology that allows user to improve security when browsing on internet when using Wifi without sacrifice data information that is secret. But though use your data internet you can also protect your network and open blocked sites.

VPN Application serve as to access blocked websites by government or provider to protect the data of irresponsible person on internet. Many free VPN applications on Google Play Store with the interest features already taken by the writer in the following article:

1. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

This application is one of the best free VPN application for Smartphone and PC user. There are so many servers you can choose and have so many features such as Banking-level HTTPS encryption to protect Wifi connection for your online transaction.

2. Secureline VPN
This VPN application is a recommended application because this developed by a branded manufacture "Avast", that will encrypt the data by using IPsec protocol. Beside that, it is easy to use, just click and VPN is active.

Download: Secure line VPN

3. Spotflux VPN
Spotflux VPN is the best and free to protect the data and with compression data to decrease excessive bandwith use. So, by using this application you can protect the data when browsing and also save the quote of your data internet.

Download: Spotflux VPN

4. Hola Free VPN
This VPN application that is developed by Hola is indeed free without you upgrade to pro with the feature you can open and access blocked sites, and can improve speed internet.

Download: Hola Free VPN

5. SpeedVPN Best Free VPN
This application developed by GoSpeed Software and can connect you to closer server that is appropriate with the location of user. As another VPN, this application can open and access blocked websites and you can watch the video with lower resolution to save you internet quote.

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