How To Play PSP Game On Android With PPSSPP Emulator

How To Play PSP Game On Android With PPSSPP Emulator
Everybody knew Playstation Portable recognized with its name as PSP. Inded, so popular for gamers. But at this moment, PSP forgotten because there are succesors such as Playstation 4, Xbox and IOS and Android which is provided amazing games.

So many developers on mobile create Android application became variety, one of them is PSP emlutaor for Android. You can play PSP game on your smartphone easily.

In this article writer will give tutorial how to play PSP game on Android s,artphone with PPSSPP emulator, check this out:

  • Download PSP emulator for Android here
  • Install it then open
  • Download PSP game to run on the Emulator
  • After you downloaded game you like, extract file you have downloaded by using RAR for Android here until get file .ISO
  • Back to Android Emulator, choose Game Tab then look for the file with .ISO behind the name you have downloaded 
Some Smartphones will getting lag and crush when play game on PSP on Android, it is caused the capacity of RAM that is lower. 

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