How To Fix Google Play Store Keeps Force Closing

How To Fix Google Play Store Keeps Force Closing
AnyIndo - You have tried any way to fix your Google Play Store but keep force closing, then let me give you simple tips to make normal. Before you go so far in this article, let me ask you a question, did you install Freedom Application then you uninstall it? if you did not do it, you can close this page because this article cannot help you to fix your problem. But if you say "yes" i installed Freedom application, but i had uninstall it. Okay, you visit the correct site here.

Up to you want to admit it or not, Freedom has bug that when after you install then uninstall it, one day you Google Play Store will getting something error. Sometimes force close, cannot log in your account, cannot download anything etc. That's bug that until at this moment i still don't know why. To make it normal, actually you just need simple tips, how to fix it? Let's try to read carefully:

  • Install again Freedom Application.
  • Then try to open your Google Play Store
Simple? yes, it is. but this tips work only for Android when you have ever install Freedom application.

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