Google Play Store Error, Try These Solutions

Google Play Store Error, Try These Solutions
In this article, the admin of this site will share you how to solve the problem when your Google Play Store getting something's error or you cannot open it. Okay, just follow the instruction bellow and read step by step:

First Trick:
  • Go to Setting > Application > Set Up Application > Google Play Store > Clear Cache > Clear Data
Second Trick:
  • Go to setting > Nircabel and Network > Celluler Network > Acces Point Name > choose listed Access Point > Delete Proxy > (note  proxy to back up in another time) > press menu > then Save.
Third Trick:
  • Make sure that your phone is rooted so file system can be changed as you want.
  • Download Root Explorer.apk
  • Open Root Explorer Application.
  • Go to Folder "System"then Folder "etc".
  • Choose "Hosts" then open by "Text Editor".
  • There will 2 IP, remove on the second lines, it is "".
  • Save change then exit.
  • Try it again.

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