Let's Full Root Sony Xperia M Single Or Dual Sim Jelly Bean

Full Root Sony Xperia M Single Or Dual Sim Jelly Bean
AnyIndo  - In this article I'd like to share how to full root Sony Xperia M Jelly Bean. So if you're Xperia M user with Android Jelly Bean and want to root Xperia M you come to correct site.

Before you decide to root your device, i advise you to understand distinction between 'full root' and 'custom root'. Full root means full access for all, then custom root without open unlock bootloader.

You need to use PC to root Xperia m dual / non dual in this tutorial. AnyIndo reminds you 
to be careful if you really want to full root your Xperia M, because it can caused something's you don't wanna happen.

What you need:
  • Download Update Super SU Download
  • Download Kernel 4.3 Single with CWM (Download), or Kernel Stock 4.3 Dual (Download).
  • PC with FlashTool file.
Tutorial how to root:

Make sure Your Xperia M dual or single unlcoked bootloader,
  1. Before you start it, copy UPDATE-SuperSU-v.9.3.zip file to External memory.
  2. After preparation is finished, next step just open PC and run Device Flashtool.
  3. Turn off Your Xperia M.
  4. Go to Flashboot Mode via connecting USB cable to PC with press Volume Up button (+).
  5. Prees and keep hold Volume Up until there's notification on Flashtool. INFO- Device is connected in fasboot mode on your screen.
  6. Then click Flash icon, or lightning logo.
  7. Choose Fastboot Mode > Click OK.
  8. There will some options, select "Select kernel to flash".
  9. Then navigate and choose 4.3-boot.img file, click open.For Xperia M dual you can choose 4.3-xmd-boot.img.
  10. After that close and if it is successful there will a message finish and OK.
  11. Unplug USB cable.
  12. Go to CWM and turn on your Xperia M.
  13. When Sony logo appears, press volume up button repeatedly until go to CWM
  14. Then choose mount and storage > mount/system.
  15. Choose install.zip, choose zim from /storage/sdcard1 then choose UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.93.zip then choose Yes.
  16. Restart  or reboot your Xperia M.
  17. Finish, Check installed applications, if Super SU has appeared there. You Xperia M has been full rooted.
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