Cannot Charge Your Iphone, Try This

Cannot Charge Your Iphone, Try This 

AnyIndo -  For you who have iPhone, you might had ever face the problem with your iPhone when you cannot charge the battery. Before you think your iPhone is damaged, you can try some of these following tricks perhaps it will be normal again as usually. Okay let's read carefully how to solve when you cannot charge your iPhone.

  • Firs way, Try to change Connector cable also adaptor charger of your iPhone. I advise you to borrow from your family or friend and better if it is original. 
  • Second way, Try to connect your device to PC/Computer (not Laptop, remember not laptop), use USB port on the back (Not on front) because usually it has different power supply voltage.
  • Third way, plug your iPhone charger, then press the (on/off) and home button in same time during the length. Just wait, your Iphone will turn on automatically.
  • Forth way, Plug your iPhone, let stand while (like you charge your phone as usualI. After that press power (on/off) button, then your iPone will turn off automatically. After your iPhone is off, press power (on/off) button and press menu in same same time about 8 seconds and there will question on your iPhone "Do you want to turn off your device?", choose Yes. Wait for a moment until your iPhone is indeed off. Then unplug the  charger connector form your iPhone. Connect again your iPhone. If this step is successful, your iPhone will reboot and there will Apple logo appear as usually and Springboard menu appear.
If you have tried the steps above, but you still cannot charge your iPhone as usually, there is possibility damage on your iPhone hardware. To make sure it you can go to the nearest iPhone service center.

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